Programs & Activities

Harris Hillman uses adapted curriculum and modified approaches to meet our students’ academic needs. Standards-based materials, employed school-wide, ensure our students are held to and meet high expectations.

School staff use curriculum programs such as Pathways to Literacy, News2You, and Unique Learning Systems, along with adapted technology and a tangible core communication system to engage Harris Hillman students.

It is the school’s mission to empower our students in their independence, as we strive to encourage their growth in all areas: social-emotional, academic, physical, and communicative.

Harris-Hillman Art Experience 

Students at Harris-Hillman School created art on a giant canvas with tools attached to their wheelchairs, using giant print-making stamps on long poles and blew bubbles using a specially-made machine.

All thanks to the work of visiting artist Dwayne Szot, who created the adaptive tools and whose mission is to provide children of all abilities the joy of art-making.

Students, teachers and volunteers had a blast.